Objective quality only creates the basis. The user will particularly benefit from the subjective quality.
Fabric expansion joints are key products on which the functioning of complex plants and systems depends. Faced with these challenges, the RAL Quality Mark Fabric Expansion Joints has been providing unlimited quality for 30 years.
However, with differing standards, norms and habits worldwide, not only the general quality must be right – the product must be individually adapted to the conditions and circumstances on site for each user.
Unnecessary expensive materials increase the price. But lacking resistance to acids can lead to a disaster that exceeds the price of the expansion joint a hundred times.

Impeccable expansion joint, but it will be immediately destroyed in this application

The Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints has developed two crucial tools for the appropriate solution:

  • Technical information TI-004 „Expansion Joint – Questionnaire“ and
  • Technical information TI-014 „Definitions Fabric Expansion Joint“

All relevant facts with respect to a perfectly fitting solution are systematically queried by means of checklist TI-004.
The questionnaire is the result of decades of experience of the quality manufacturers, who have formed the Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints, and it comprises all decisive facts.
To eliminate the risk of misunderstandings in view to the most varied terms, the definitions TI-014 standardise the linguistic use. Of course, both tools TI-004 and TI-014 are synchronised and therefore guarantee the optimum combination of general and individual quality. Only in this way the user obtains the best quality at the best price.
April 2018