The quality monitoring consists of
– an initial inspection,
– monitoring by the manufacturer (internal monitoring) and
– monitoring by an independent centre (external monitoring).

4.1 Initial inspection

The initial inspection of the fabric expansion joints consists of tests performed by an independent test centre (independent monitoring inspection). See Section 4.3 for the scope of the initial inspection.

4.2 Own quality monitoring (internal monitoring)

Within the scope of his own Quality Assurance monitoring system, the manufacturer must compile data sheets for all the materials subject to the quality assessment. These data sheets must reflect the requirements imposed in Sections 2.1 and 3.1.


The manufacturer of the fabric expansion joints is responsible for monitoring his production continuously. The tests and inspections must be extensive enough to ensure the constant quality of the expansion joints. The results must be recorded in writing and the records must be kept for a minimum of five years.

4.3 Monitoring by an independent test centre (external monitoring)

The test centre is instructed by contract to monitor the manufacturer of the fabric expansion joints at least twice a year.


The tests in Sections 2.2.3 to 2.2.7 and in Sections 3.2.3 to 3.2.7 will be conducted once a year.
At the initial inspection and the regular checks the test centre will
– examine the manufacturer’s material and production date sheets
– perform complete tests on at least one material but not less than 10 % and not more than three of
the materials used from each of the following material groups:
single-ply fabric expansion joints
– elastomer/thermoplast,
– composite,
multilayer fabric expansion joint
– insulation,
– sealing layers,
– supporting layers,
check in one random sample whether the production sequences comply with the production data sheet.
The samples for the tests and inspections will be drawn from batches (mixtures and fabrics) which have been cleared for production. The samples must be vulcanized in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, if required, for the tests.

4.4 Test Report

The test centre shall issue a test report on the results of the tests and any repeat tests. One copy is sent directly to the Gütegemeinschaft (Quality Association) and one to the user of the quality mark.

4.5 Repeat tests

If a manufacturer fails to pass an inspection test a repeat test is to be performed no later than four weeks after the test results are notified to the user of the quality mark.


If the manufacturer falls to pass the repeat test, the Gütegemeinschaft (Quality Association) shall take further measures in accordance with its Statutes and regulations.